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SCBKA Beekeeping for Beginners Course

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Our Beekeeping for Beginners course


Every year SCBKA runs a short introductory course for beginner beekeepers, or those that are considering becoming beekeepers.


The course is run by several, very experienced members of the SCBKA’s committee and involves sessions usually held in Darsham and Saxmundham and hands-on practical sessions at the association’s Teaching Apiary near Aldringham.


Some people attend the course more than once before they get their own bees, preferring to build up experience over a whole season in order to understand a year in the life of a beekeeper.


Others attend the course and decide that beekeeping is not for them, or that they don’t have the time to commit to it, preferring to wait until family or work pressures ease up a bit.


Most attendees do go on to get their own bees and often stay in touch with others from the beginners’ course, or from the wider membership of our association, for support and assistance when necessary.


We keep the content and organisation of the course under review, for example using online sessions if necessary. If you would like to speak to someone about it or register your interest, you can contact us here, where you will also see the dates and programme for 2024.

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